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A possible overlooked reason for the delayed Ukrainian counteroffensive

Rune Holmå Iversen har skrevet denne observation på krigsvidenskabeligt selvskab.

In early 2023, the Ukrainian armed forces announced the commencement of a major spring counteroffensive in the Russian occupied areas in Ukraine. The announcement naturally caught the attention of Western military analysts and experts, who have conjured hope of huge Ukrainian sweeping advances all the way to the Black Sea, potentially resulting in the liberation of Crimea.

However, even though an offensive has been initiated, the major counteroffensive advance has yet failed to materialize. One explanation in this relation is the lack of military hardware on the Ukrainian side, an argument often used by the Ukrainian government to consistently secure foreign military aid deliveries. Another possible factor is the weather conditions with the seasonal mud, which limits off-road vehicle movement. But, as the month of May 2023 has come and gone, this is no longer a decisive factor.

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