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DCDC Global Strategic Trends

Det britiske forsvars Development, Concepts and Doctrine centre er et af de bedste steder at finde viden om fremtiden ved. De udgiver nogle emget relevante og letlæselige publikationer, som alle der interesserer sig for udvikling bør læse.

Global Strategic Trends – The Future Starts Today (6th Edition) (GST 6) seeks to improve foresight and encourage better strategic choices to shape the future we want, build preparedness for alternative futures, and create an organisation that can adapt to the evolving future. It aims to alert readers to changes that are likely to become threats but may, if addressed promptly, provide opportunities.

GST 6 also identifies 16 focus areas where the potential for profound change to humanity is high, and describes a series of short alternative future scenarios.

find hele publikationen her:

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