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In Urban Sickness and Health — Disasters and the Future of Megacities

Opdateret: 10. jul. 2023

Mad Scientsts er US Army TRADOC G2's fremtidslaboratorium, hvor de underøger krigen på fremtidens kampplads. De har en blog hvor de ofte udgiver spændende og provokerende indlæg - bestemt et besøg hver.

I dette indlæg skriver de om krig i megacities.

Regular readers of the Mad Scientist Laboratory know that human migration into ever growing urban centers is one of the key trends we track regarding the Operational Environment. Half of the world’s population migrated to urban areas in the last 10 to 15 years and estimates project 60 percent of the planet’s population will be living in urban areas within the next decade and a half. Over half of the politically significant urban areas lie within 100 kilometers of a coast, a situation of notable consequence given the coincidence of coastal areas’ vulnerability to powerful storms, the likelihood of being in an earthquake zone (many are located along the Pacific rim), and projected estimates of sea level rise during this century.

Læs hele indlægget på Mad Scientists blog:

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