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Viking Coy

The Mad Scientist team executed its 2019 Science Fiction Writing Contest to glean insights about the future fight with a near-peer competitor in 2030. We received 77 submissions from both within and outside of the DoD. This story was one of our semi-finalists and features a futuristic look at warfare and its featured technologies.

I 2019 var jeg forbindelsesofficer til US Army TRADOC, og deltog i deres science fiction writing konkurrence.

Eastern Polovia 23 May 2030

Captain Sten Jensen, first lieutenants Lene Nielsen, Ole Mikkelsen and Steffen Pedersen are all sitting on their rolled up sleeping mats under a camouflaged tarp in the wet pine plantation. Between them on the forest floor the company’s only paper map is unfolded showing the 50 kilometers to the Otsovian border. All four are relaxed and in a light mood. The company and platoon orders have been given, regiven, changed, rehearsed, wargamed, changed again, rewargamed and re-rehearsed so many times that Viking Company’s O-group has stopped counting the many different missions and plans the company has had since they left the staging area in Denmark a week ago. The plan had changed significantly on the way down through Germany, causing all the work the company had done in the garrison at Holstebro to be completely wasted. And now Captain Jensen, commander of Viking Coy has laid out the simplest plan possible with as much flexibility as he could come up with to counter any future changes to the plan. The plan has been approved by the battalion commander, who has also grown weary of the constant changes.

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