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Weekend Update #36: 500 days

Well this was a week where the line only moved a little bit in a few places—the Ukrainians seemed to make most of their advances around Bakhmut, but they also made some around Zaporizhzhia, and yet it was a week full of news, with some very important indications of where the war is heading (and what the future might look like). I’ve identified four points that are worthy of discussion—but the way things are going, there could be another one this morning.

Before that, it is worth noting that it is now been 500 days since the Russian full-scale invasion of February 24, 2022. Though that seems like ages ago, its actually a short period in wars like this (large state wars). I sincerely hope that this war is over before another 500 days pass, though I would think if Putin stays in power, we will see fighting of some sort until late 2024 (when the US presidential election occurs). That means we could be only halfway through this.

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