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What would happen if Russia invaded Finland? I went to a giant war game in London to find out

Here, military personnel, Nato staff and others are facing off in a simulation. The winners? Those who stop the world plunging into catastrophe. The losers? Us, if they get it wrong

Tom Lamont Sat 30 Sep 2023 12.55 CEST

Bush House in London is a narrow, imposing building that was constructed about a century ago from rugged limestone, which helped it survive a nearby missile strike during the second world war. It’s the sort of place you might choose to take shelter at the outset of a third world war and, fittingly, it is where dozens of Nato employees, as well as representatives of various global militaries, have gathered on a sunny summer afternoon to simulate the end of everything. In two vast top-floor conference rooms, an ambitious game – a war game, they call it – has been devised by academics from the department of war studies at King’s College London. Dr David Banks, the university’s war-gaming specialist, has invited me along to watch an imaginary conflict break out.

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